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Choose The Right GST Billing Software India

Choose The Right GST Billing Software India GST billing software india the new tax regime rolled out by the government of India has put corporate of all sizes in a rush. It has become a debatable topic all the time and many companies are struggling to adhere to the compliance since inception. The switch over of new tax regime is under strict monitoring rushing the business organizations to takeRead more

Composition Scheme Under GST Easy Guide | GST Reporting

Composition scheme under GST easy guide for GST Reporting help to customer easy understanding the growing challenges faced by the small business owners.   What is composition scheme under GST? The tax system needs compliance with the statutory provisions on a timely basis and the new tax regime GST is not an exemption. Many small business organizations in India are facing challenges in adhering to the statutory provisions ofRead more

Eligibility & Benefits Of Registering Under GST Composition Scheme

gst composition scheme is great news for the small business owners who are struggling with the regulatory compliance of new tax regime in the country. Eligibility And Benefits Of Registering under GST Composition Scheme How to opt for it? GST Composition scheme is great news for the small business owners who are struggling with the regulatory compliance of new tax regime in the country. Filing taxes thrice a month has turnedRead more

Why Should You Consider GST Software For Your Business?

Why should you consider GST Software for your business? Consider GST Software For Your Business: Every business owner be it big or small might be aware of new tax regime enrolled in the country. Though GST is 5 months old in the country, business owners are struggling to handle. GST filing be it generating invoices or filing tax returns. This is the juncture where GST software has become veryRead more

How Is GST Regime Helping Businesses?

How is GST regime helping businesses? GST Regime Helping Businesses: GST which is alternatively termed as good and service tax is introduced in the nation on July  1st, 2017 with the aim of bringing the tax of the nation under a single roof. Though the regime was introduced to offer many benefits to the consumers and the business, the concept is yet in the incubation stage in terms ofRead more

GST Council Meeting

An Update From 22nd GST Council Meeting

Reduction In GST Rate On Goods And Services     Reduction in GST rate – Specified Services:

No ITC for Construction- Notification No. 12/2017

No refund of unutilized ITC will be allowed input tax credit shall be allowed for IGST in construction of a complex, building etc. (works contract). Except in cases where the entire consideration has been received after issuance of completion certificate or after its first occupation, whichever is earlier.

Panchayat services- Notification No. 11/2017

  Constitutional services of the Panchayat are not covered under GST.

All about OIDAR Services

All about OIDAR Services Online Information and Data Access or Retrieval Services Business today takes a variety of forms, with many of them residing on the internet. Many of such business do not require human intervention, the products of these businesses are available immediately for download or streaming. These businesses have eliminated the infrastructure and operational overheads for launching e-products and can typically run into several thousands of dollars.Read more

Impact of GST on Housing Society Resident Welfare Association (RWA)

Supply of service by RWA (unincorporated body or a registered non- profit entity) to its own members by way of reimbursement of charges or share of contribution up to an amount of Rs. 5000 per month per member for providing services and goods for the common use of its members in a housing society or a residential complex are exempt from GST. Further, if the aggregate turnover of suchRead more

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